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We promise carbon neutrality for everyone who joins PlantNation. So, we did it for you!

Our terms and conditions are pretty simple. You get 100% refund on cancellation.

Ans. We will notify you every time we add new image of your tree. Every tree will have a story available publicly with images updated every 6 month. Everyone can see it growing.

Ans. We sell already planted fruit trees. So you will be assigned a tree. If in case we get orders more than the avail stock, your fruit tree will be planted in maximum 4 weeks after preparing the land and a healthy tree.

Ans. You can cancel your booking anytime with full refund. If the cancellation is done before tree plantation, you will be refunded immediately else it will be refunded in 1 yr.

Ans. Your fruits will be delivered to you after only if you place a request before harvesting of the fruits from your trees. The delivery of the fruits will be free of cost only within the country your tree is planted.

Ans. After every fruiting season the amount received from the sale of the furits will be credited to your bank account. You will get cash for 50% of the fruits harvested from your tree(s).

Ans. We cover all risks. We will assign a free plant if available 0f the same age based on cancellation from other customer for quick returns. Or, we will replant a new tree and your plan will continue. If not, you can go for cancellation with full refund.

Ans. Yes you can buy fruits from others tree. You will have to place and order with us. The fruits from the selected fruit tree will be delivered to you.

Ans. Yes, you can locate your fruit tree on Google Maps. Our fruit trees are geo-tagged with it's google location visible online at all times. You can click on the Google Map link to view on Google Map.

Ans. Yes, you can gift a fruit tree to to loved ones. The ownership of the tree will belong to the person you gift the tree. All benefits of the tree will be available to the nominated person. You can also nominate someone as a beneficiary for every fruit tree you buy or you have already purchased.

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